Partners may opt to work together on one or more specific topics or developments. At present, there are four options. 

1. Commercial Project

AM Supply Chain for Inland Shipping & Transport

  • Serving the port infrastructure, ships and trains processed
  • Pilot in Port of Duisburg (Germany) – world’s largest inland port

2. Industrial Project

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Data Traceability
  • Standardisation of Communication
  • License Management

3. Sustainability Project

Making AM Greener

  • How to solve the issues of full lifecycle, end-to-end sustainability
  • The AM Industry can and needs to do more


4. Collaboration Project

Research Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing
  • International Collaboration with Knowledge and Academic Institutes
  • Alignment with Industries; both AM as well as users
  • Development of international funding for projects

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