Accelerating the development of secure AM supply chains for producing (spare) parts in specific industries. Our focus for 2023 is:

Development Project
Addressing & solving pain points
First Stage
Second Stage
Development Project

AM parts for inland ports
The goal is to develop Industrial Grade On-Demand Manufacturing, starting in Duisburg Port and using this blueprint to build a global network of certified AM production facilities across inland ports.

Addressing & solving pain points
Supply chains of spare parts can be disrupted in many ways:
  • poor performance & long lead times
  • part obsolescence
  • poor part performance
  • increased delivery time
  • different global disruptions
First Stage
Pilot in Duisburg Port:
Why Duisburg Port:
  • world’s largest inland port
  • leading logistics hub in Central Europe
  • 20,000 ships and 25,000 trains processed per year
  • D3AM Knowledge Center to be built in Duisburg Port 
Second Stage
Building a global on-demand network for parts
Important inland ports have the same infra characteristics:
  • 200 in Europe
  • 144 in North America
  •   16 in South America
  •   19 in Africa
  •   32 in Asia