Our participants represent an unprecedented cross-industry collaboration between all segments of the entire AM industry with the goal to resolve the longstanding security issues in the AM industry. The mission is  SDAM_cirkels

How to join the SDAM Alliance

How to join the SDAM Alliance To join our existing 150 participants, please start your participation by completing the application form. You can download the application form here and email your completed form to application@sdamalliance.com

Participation Fees (until 1 May, 2023) 
The first year’s annual dues cover the period until 1 May, 2023. The privileges of each participant do not begin until payment is received. 
Government, Regulatory Agencies, NGOs, Academic Institutions, Non Profit


*) The fee is exclusive of VAT and will be increased by VAT where the SDAM Alliance is under the statutory obligation to charge VAT.